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A Wise Monkey....
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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006 03:35 pm
Wow...I feel as that I've totally forgotten about LJ.

With MySpace and Facebook...LJ just kinda falls to the way side

But anyway...I'm here, so lets get to an update!

Since the LAST post....Here is what has happened.

Night of February 5th: As I had listed in the previous post...I went to Trippers in Lansing for Ashley's 21st B-day party.
It was a really fun night. Ashley has some hot friends...yeah buddy! haha. Got buzzed and watched the Steelers beat Seattle. WOOT!
Played a lot of pool. Only won a game. Ran into my cousin up there. Drove home and went to bed. Fun Night.

Feb 6th: School...wonderful wonderful school. Sore as hell from lifting weights. Go home and sleep.

Feb 7th: Work for 6 hours. Thank god I got out at 12. People were going crazy and looking to kill! Class after that. They brought in a guy for my dreamweaver class to help the "special" people in there. Right now he's just getting credit for the class. I'd be demanding for $$$.
Band followed that class. Found out i've been replaced for all the special quartet (sp) groups. Oh well, he's better than me anyway. Only downside is I won't get to hang out with Stephanie as much now. Home then bed.

Feb 8th: School...and Omg...wrote a 1000 word paper in 1.5 hours. Didn't get it completely done, but good enough for me. Ran into Jimmy Stagenga. Talked to him for a bit. Ran into Brandi as well. Hadn't seen her in a few months. Talked to her for a few hours and then departed for my last class. Home and then sleep.

Feb 9th: Work work work work work. Blasted 8 hour days anyway. Came home and then drove to Marshall to drop off DVD's to AJ and Carly. Then proceeded to hang out with Carly for a few before I had to pick up Dustin from the school. Not much following that....sleep

Feb 10th: Typical work. Been about the only Friday in which, I haven't gone out. Alicia has replaced me with some other guy from work. Geez Alicia, GEEZ! Stayed home and went to bed early. But not after having a few drinks. :D

Feb 11th: Woke up at freakin 4AM to go to work. Ugh. Helped people try to organize the plant up the road. Then got to train a girl on my drill press. That was by far...the faster hour of the day. Good times. Came home, took a 4 hour nap. Then was lazy for the rest of the day. Watching TV and on the computer. Layed in bed til I fell asleep.

Feb 12th: Started off as a lazy day. Andy was home over the weekend. At 7PM, had to be in Battle Creek for a band practice. I realized how much I suck at reading music. Drove home and went to bed.

Feb 13th: School. Went looking at bicycles. Found a really sweet one that i'm really thinking of getting here soon. Home, sleep.

Feb 14th: Hellish Valentines Day. Work. Another one of those, thank god for only 6 hours. Classes....Dreamweaver went by fast, so did band.
Feel dumb as hell in band now. I've lost my touch and I don't know how to get it back. Went to Wal-mart to get some supplies. Ran into a nice girl as we were exploring the candy isles. Very entertaining to say the lease. Home and sleep.

Today: School...and nothing interesting at all.

Gah...that does it for now.

I shall talk to you readers later.


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