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A Wise Monkey....
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Mon, Jul. 24th, 2006 05:18 pm
Holy Hell.....Its been a loooooooong time since I've last updated.

How are all of you doing? :)

Well.....to sum up the past few months, check out this LJ on July 23rd....

Other than that....I've just been working like a mo-fo.

Helping Olivet with their Band Camp next week up in Traverse City. Should be fun.

School starts up August 28th. Yay for sleeping in!

Still single...thought I had something going with a girl from Charlotte...but she didn't want
anything to evolve before she started school in Chicago. Ah well.

Anyhoo.......Thats enough for now

Talk to you readers later!



Thu, Apr. 20th, 2006 07:07 pm

Here's the deal.

I am planning a softball game.
Open to anyone who wants to play. No skill necessary. :)

Date: Saturday, May 20th
Place: One of the Olivet Baseball/Softball fields. To be determined at a later time.
Time: 4:00PM

Hoping to get AT LEAST 18 people in which to play.

Message me if your interested or need more information.
:) :) :)


Been doing great. School is almost done for the spring. Yay!
Sorry I haven't been doing much on LJ lately. I've just lost the feeling for it.
I am sadly addicted to MySpace though. www.myspace.com/dodgeman25

Talk to you all later


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Wed, Mar. 15th, 2006 03:35 pm

50 Questions

Read more...Collapse )


Sat, Mar. 11th, 2006 05:59 pm

Just posting some links so that I will download the stuff at school.



Go STATE! ;)

Talk to you all later!



Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006 03:35 pm
Wow...I feel as that I've totally forgotten about LJ.

With MySpace and Facebook...LJ just kinda falls to the way side

But anyway...I'm here, so lets get to an update!

Since the LAST post....Here is what has happened.

Night of February 5th: As I had listed in the previous post...I went to Trippers in Lansing for Ashley's 21st B-day party.
It was a really fun night. Ashley has some hot friends...yeah buddy! haha. Got buzzed and watched the Steelers beat Seattle. WOOT!
Played a lot of pool. Only won a game. Ran into my cousin up there. Drove home and went to bed. Fun Night.

Feb 6th: School...wonderful wonderful school. Sore as hell from lifting weights. Go home and sleep.

Feb 7th: Work for 6 hours. Thank god I got out at 12. People were going crazy and looking to kill! Class after that. They brought in a guy for my dreamweaver class to help the "special" people in there. Right now he's just getting credit for the class. I'd be demanding for $$$.
Band followed that class. Found out i've been replaced for all the special quartet (sp) groups. Oh well, he's better than me anyway. Only downside is I won't get to hang out with Stephanie as much now. Home then bed.

Feb 8th: School...and Omg...wrote a 1000 word paper in 1.5 hours. Didn't get it completely done, but good enough for me. Ran into Jimmy Stagenga. Talked to him for a bit. Ran into Brandi as well. Hadn't seen her in a few months. Talked to her for a few hours and then departed for my last class. Home and then sleep.

Feb 9th: Work work work work work. Blasted 8 hour days anyway. Came home and then drove to Marshall to drop off DVD's to AJ and Carly. Then proceeded to hang out with Carly for a few before I had to pick up Dustin from the school. Not much following that....sleep

Feb 10th: Typical work. Been about the only Friday in which, I haven't gone out. Alicia has replaced me with some other guy from work. Geez Alicia, GEEZ! Stayed home and went to bed early. But not after having a few drinks. :D

Feb 11th: Woke up at freakin 4AM to go to work. Ugh. Helped people try to organize the plant up the road. Then got to train a girl on my drill press. That was by far...the faster hour of the day. Good times. Came home, took a 4 hour nap. Then was lazy for the rest of the day. Watching TV and on the computer. Layed in bed til I fell asleep.

Feb 12th: Started off as a lazy day. Andy was home over the weekend. At 7PM, had to be in Battle Creek for a band practice. I realized how much I suck at reading music. Drove home and went to bed.

Feb 13th: School. Went looking at bicycles. Found a really sweet one that i'm really thinking of getting here soon. Home, sleep.

Feb 14th: Hellish Valentines Day. Work. Another one of those, thank god for only 6 hours. Classes....Dreamweaver went by fast, so did band.
Feel dumb as hell in band now. I've lost my touch and I don't know how to get it back. Went to Wal-mart to get some supplies. Ran into a nice girl as we were exploring the candy isles. Very entertaining to say the lease. Home and sleep.

Today: School...and nothing interesting at all.

Gah...that does it for now.

I shall talk to you readers later.


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Sun, Feb. 5th, 2006 12:09 pm

I've been receiving lots of crap from people about how I haven't been updating a lot as of late.
Well...there's no sense in beating a dead horse....because nothing new/exciting has happened lately.

If you wish to know about my days of.....nothing-ness......well, your in luck...because i'm going to list them since the last post now.

Tuesday-Janurary 31st: Well...started off by going to work. Yipee. Put in my 6 hours of "hell" before heading off to class. Went to my web page creation class. (Dreamweaver) That class is really going to drive me nuts come April/May. 4 people in there need to shut up and just listen. They ask a question every 3 minutes about why there computer isn't working like it should. When its the user that isn't understanding the computer. They slow the class down and make the teacher repeat himself waaaaaaaaay to many times. Maybe I should tranfer to a college to which middle-aged/the elderly aren't a vast majority of the student population. That way at least...when a hot, young, female student is confused on their computer, ole Tony will be there to console them. :D Concert band followed my Dreamweaver class. We have a Concert Band festival February 25th at Okeomos (sp) High School. They want me to meet in BATTLE CREEK at 5:30 AM. HAHAHAHAHA
Not a chance in hell. I'll freakin' drive up there myself.

Wednesday-February 1st: Sleep-in Day = Class day. Attended my 3 classes. Hot chick in my English class who really needs to get a facebook/MySpace profile. haha! Bought myself a hard dance pad at Toys R Us for 50 dollars. The Toys R Us in Battle Creek is among other stores to close their doors. So everyting in the store is 20-40% off. Hense getting a hard dance pad for 50 dollars. Its a cheapy but it'll do. After I was done with all my class stuff....when to the High school and attended a v-ball game between Olivet and Bellevue. Had to cheer on the only two people I give a rats-ass about on the team. Carly was there as well. Good fun time hanging out with her again.

Thursday-February 2nd: Work Work Work. After that.....stayed home and played xbox and junk. OooooOooooOoooo...exciting

Friday-February 3rd: Dad's B-day. Work. Came home...had the house to myself until I left at 6:15 for the basketball game.
Pep-Band....eventually getting my lips back into playing shape. Harassed the stupid freshmen girls. Worked on Mrs. Funk's laptop.
Got to witness a Toilet papering incident. Quite funny.

Saturday-February 4th: Work....came home to sleep.....worked on the next movie project for friends. Watched some Big Ten Basketball...especially Michigan losing and MSU winning. Aaaaaaaaahahaha. Illinois also lost....so that means MSU is moving closer to the Big Ten lead. Thank god for this stretch of "wimps"...everyone else will have to play the good teams finally, and MSU gets the lower end teams. Hopefully anyway.

Today: As for now....I'm just reading stories on Fark.com and listening to Music. Get to go to the bar tonight. Ashley Wilson (Marshall) turns 21 today. So her fiance (sp) is throwing a party for her at Trippers in Lansing. Booze and Football. Horay!

Ok....now that your asleep....I will bid you farewell. Because I'm gonna eat lunch.....get cleaned up and head up to lansing to do some shopping before the party. :D :D

So I shall talk to you readers later



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Mon, Jan. 30th, 2006 03:45 pm
Deeeeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaaaasketball!

Haha...that was sweet.
Attended a Piston's game yesterday...Lakers were in town looking to stur up something in Detroit.
'Sheed wasn't going to let that happen. Overall awesome game. The drive from Ann Arbor to The Palace on the other hand...
wasn't so sweet. It was a good test of map reading and direction following. Needless to say...I had to drive and read the damn
map at the same time...No thanks to Jason.

Well well well...its definally been a while since I've updated this my friends.

Been hanging out with Alicia from work. Or at least trying to at times. Been out bar hopping and partys. Its been fun.
Also been hanging out with Carly. Volleyball games...Meetings...fun, goofy times as well.

Nothing really new has been going on...
Fixing many computers...working and school...
Same ole story.

I suppose I should go...need to pay attention to class. ;D

Talk to you all later


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Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 04:56 pm
Wow...what a great way to start a day.

I go through many days in which I think, nobody cares about me...nor thinks about me.
I've been better about it lately...which is good...but those days do just linger.

Anyway...stopped into the Band Room to show Funk the music i'm playing for KCC Concert Band.
He proceeded to tell me about the band exam he gave out. The kids had to write an essay on 3 adults
that have inspired them musically. Well I guess many kids wrote down Me for one of the selections.
When he told me that...I just got a really good feeling. I mean, yeah...there were kids who just put
me down because i'm an adult and i'm around the band alot...but i'm sure there was a couple kids, who i've
helped...that really are inspired by what I've done for them. Warm fuzzy feeling. haha

I just read a very funny friends post about a subject thats floating around right now. Quite entertaining
if I must say so. Its only funny due to the fact that we all know its true and the person is flat out lieing about it.

Plans for the weekend fell through...but thats ok.
Can sleep in on Saturday now.

Um...just a quick and dirty now...

School is going really good now. Seems like it'll be a fun semester.
Work is work....i'm having more fun harassing my new "supervisor" than anything else.
Got some projects i'm working on now. Fixing up computers for people. Its loads of fun.

Um...thats about it for now

I will TRY to update more.

Talk to you readers later!


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Thu, Jan. 12th, 2006 09:20 pm

One hell of a week. Let me tell you.

Its only Thursday and I've managed to piss two people off. Oh what will Friday and Saturday bring?
Can't wait.

First week of Spring 06 schedule has gone really well.
I like all my classes thus far. My Dreamweaver class is on Apple Computers.
Was hoping for a better experience with the blasted machines....but was not
what I was expecting. It truly is a wonderful machine for low-skilled computer users.
Definally can't find anything in which to screw up!
If all goes well...I hope to be back in "playing" shape after March.
If anything, I'll at least feel better about myself.

Um.....I had a lot more to say but I think it is best I save it for another day.

Don't want to jump to any conclusions.

Talk to you readers later


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Sun, Jan. 8th, 2006 10:56 am
Ooooo.......different colors & style
I thought seeing as its a new year, should go with a different look.
We'll see how long this'll last

I would of updated a lot sooner except...the night I was doing the update,
I was at the High School and Mrs. Funk's computer is soooo loaded down with
spyware and junk that it made it really hard to type out an actual update.
I had to retype it 3 times before I finally just gave up.
So here I am right now.....at home....on a stable computer.

Mainly.....all i've been doing since the new year is working.
Dowding "required" us to do 4 days of 10 hours. I only did 1 day of 10 hours....3 of 8....and one of 6...
What does that equal? oh yeah, 40 hours. First 40 hour work week since mid-August. It'll come at a good time too.
Got books to buy next week. *sigh*

Well yesterday was a really good day.
Worked for 6 hours.
Hung out with Alicia after that.....Pizza Hut was fun.
Then helped out with the Haywood Banks show. Awesome time.
Found out....he didn't really care for Tim's Pizza. Haha, said it was the toughest pizza he's ever had.

Today, a family x-mas party. Oh joyness.
This is the side of the family that doesn't really talk to each other. (Mom's side)
Not very family orientated.
We'll eat, talk, play cards and be on our ways. Another wonderful 4 hours of "fun-ness"

School starts back up tomorrow. That'll mean I get more days to sleep in. Thank god...

Well, I need to go burn some CD's and get around for this party.

I will talk to you readers later


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